The design of the bed is simple and stylish, and it combines with the concept of modern home furnishing, providing a young and brisk decoration style. The material adopts the style of combining carbon steel and wooden frame to make the whole bed more firm and stable. At the same time, the surface is wrapped with high-grade cowhide, which is firm, comfortable and practical. 

And the surface material of the bed can be customized, and customers can choose different colors of materials according to their personal preferences, and there are also artificial leather materials to choose.

  • SKU: YS9669
  • Model: Minimalist Bed
  • King Size Dimension: 238mm*198mm*105mm
  • King Size Bed Price: $1699
  • Queen Size Bed Dimension: 238mm*168mm*105mm
  • Queen Size Bed Price: $1399
  • Material: Top layer Leather
  • Color: Green